Kootznoowoo, Inc., held the 49th Annual Meeting of Shareholders via webcast on Friday, June 03, 2022.  In addition to regular management reports, Shgen George served as the meeting’s keynote speaker.

Seven candidates ran for the board’s three open seats.  Kootznoowoo’s Board is comprised of seven directors who are each elected to serve a three-year term. Incumbents whose terms were ending included Harold Frank Jr., H. Jean Hogue, and Melissa M. Kookesh.  All three incumbents ran for re-election.

When the results were announced by the Inspector of Elections, Melissa M. Kookesh who began serving on the Kootznoowoo Board in 2016 was re-elected to a third term.  Elected to fill the remaining two board seats were Eunice E. James and Mary Jean Jackson. Continuing directors include Ella Bennett, Frank Jack III, Edwell John Jr., and Albert Howard.

“Congratulations to Eunice, Mary Jean, and Melissa. The Kootznoowoo team looks forward to working with the Board to continue moving the corporation forward,” said Interim President & CEO Jonathan Wunrow. “We’d also like to thank Harold and Jean for their years of service to Kootznoowoo on the Board and wish them well in their next endeavors.”

On June 12, the Board held a reorganization meeting to elect new officers.  At the conclusion of the meeting, Eunice E. James had been elected Board Chair; Mary Jean Duncan as Vice Chair; Melissa M. Kookesh as Treasurer; and Ella Bennet as Corporate Secretary.