Kootznoowoo, Inc. held its 49th Annual Meeting of Shareholders on Friday, June 3, 2022, via virtual broadcast.  More than 150 shareholders joined the meeting online.  During the meeting, the terms of Directors Harold Frank Jr., H. Jean Hogue, and Melissa M. Kookesh expired.  Seven candidates completed the candidate packet to run for a seat on the Board of Directors on the corporate proxy.

Altman Rodgers & Co. served as the Inspector of Elections and during the meeting, announced the following voting results:

  1. Eunice E. James – 27,020
  2. Mary Jean Duncan – 24,725
  3. Melissa M. Kookesh – 23,013
  4. Harold Frank Jr. – 17,554
  5. Sharon Love – 17,264
  6. H. Jean Hogue – 9,439
  7. Vincentia Wilson – 9,143
  8. Write-Ins – 575

Elections Official certified the winners of the three board seats as Eunice E. James, Mary Jean Duncan, and Melissa M. Kookesh who will each serve a three-year term.