The 50th Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held on Saturday, June 15th at 11:00 a.m. in the Angoon Elementary School Gym.  Following is the meeting agenda:

I. Welcome
II. Invocation & Blessing of the Meal
III. Call to Order
IV. Introductions
V. Approval of the Agenda
VI. Approval of the Minutes from the 49th Annual Meeting of Shareholders
VII. Inspector of Election’s Oath of Office
VIII. Inspector of Election’s Report
IX. Corporate Secretary’s Report & Voting Procedures
X. Candidate Nominations & Speeches
XI. Round 1—Door Prizes
XII. Candidate Withdrawal & Final Notice for Voting
XIII. President & CEO Report
XIV. Proxy Prize Winners Announcement
XV. Keynote Speaker—Jaeleen Kookesh
XVI. Special Presentation—Angoon Youth Guides
XVII. In Memorial
XVIII. Break
XIX. Election Results
XX. Round 2—Door Prizes
XXII. Benediction
XXIII. Adjournment