At the July 2023 Regular Board Meeting, Director Edwell John, Jr. submitted his resignation from the Board. Edwell had accepted a position of employment with Kootznoowoo as a Business Analyst.

“Serving on the board has been such an honour for me and I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me as a director,” said Edwell. “However, Kootznoowoo is at a critical time in our corporation’s history. Developing and growing strong businesses that bring the corporation to a place of financial security is a huge priority for our shareholders. I believe that as Kootznoowoo’s Business Analyst, I will be better able to contribute to the business interests of the corporation and better serve shareholders.”

In this new role, Edwell will work closely with the Executive Team on business initiatives for the corporation. He will be responsible for analyzing key business metrics, developing improvement plans, and looking at the risks, finances, and profitability of business opportunities.

“The corporation is looking forward to integrating Edwell’s business acumen, knowledge of systems, processes, and budgeting, and his experience into the corporation’s goals and objectives,” said Kootznoowoo President & CEO Thomas E. Wilbur.

Edwell holds a Master of Business Administration from Alaska Pacific University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Alaska Southeast. He is currently a doctoral candidate in Executive Leadership at the University of Charleston. Prior to joining Kootznoowoo as an employee, Edwell served on the Board of Directors.

Edwell retired from the State of Alaska in 2021, and he currently owns several small businesses in Juneau.

Ralph “Chico” Bierely

K-Plaza Building Maintenance Manager

Chico serves as a jack-of-all-trades for the corporation. His main responsibility is overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the K-Plaza building. However, he provides additional support when needed on a variety of projects. He is based in Juneau.